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  • 7×7′
  • 7×10′
  • 7×13′
  • 7×16′
  • 7×20′

You can customize your doors and windows, as well as add various accessories such as checker plate flooring, shelving kits, ramps, and vandal bars with padlocks.

Flat Pack Containers are completely weatherproof, sturdy, and secure utilizing our Elite locking system.

Our Flat Pack containers are constructed from 20 gauge galvanized steel, and their powder-coated finish is intended to provide durability. Additionally, all Flat Pack containers come with a 15-year warranty.

The weight capacity of Flat Pack containers can vary depending on the size. However, all of these containers are capable of being stacked three units high while fully loaded.

Click Here for  the container dimensions and component weights: 

Storage HQ guarantees you will lease up the containers within one year, otherwise, we buy them back. (*Conditions apply*)


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