Flat Pack Portable Shipping & Storage Containers

Secure Storage

Easy To Assemble & Disassemble

Flat Pack Container units can be delivered flat pack to site and assembled within minutes. Quick tool-free assembly and dismantling make Flat Pack Containers the perfect solution for tight locations. They are completely weatherproof, theft-proof and secure using state of the art “Best Point Technology” to join components together.

Secure Storage

Sturdy & Long Lasting

The Flat Pack Container is made from 20 gauge galvanized steel, is strong, weatherproof and joints are rust-free. It sits above the ground on forklift skids keeping the floor free from moisture. The OSB strand board flooring is standard with the Flat Pack Container and is treated for moisture and insects.

Our Flat Pack Containers Solve Real Problems

Need More Space? Flat-Pack Containers Can Help

Residential Sheds

Flat-Pack containers are a perfect altenative to flimsy backyard sheds. They. can be assembled quickly and don't require pouring a concrete pad because they. sit on forklift skids.

Worksite Storage

Store tools and equipment securely on construction sites. They are incredibly durable and quick to assemble and disassemble making them the perfect on-site storage soluition.

Self Storage Facilities

Looking to add capacity to your storage facility? Flatpack containers are the perfect option. They are secure, robust and weatherproof. Best of all they can be shipped and assembled quickly.

Ticket Booth or Pop Up Store

If you need a temporary space for an event such as a festival or wedding a Flat-Pack container is a perfect option. They can be shipped easily and are quick to setup.

Backyard or Rural Storage

Need extra storage on your property? Flat-Pack containers are affordable, easy to setup, waterproof and secure. They make a perfect permanent or temporary storage solution.

Flexible Sizing

We offer five different sizes and because all of our containers are shipped flat and assembled on-site they can be used in hard to reach locations. A normal Sea Can wouldn't fit in a parking garage because of the entry height but Flat Pack containers can!

Flat Pack Containers

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7ft x 7ft Container - From $3,150

Total Weight: 690lbs

10ft x 7ft Container -From $3,400

Total Weight 890lbs

13ft x 7ft Container - From $3,900

Total Weight: 1080lbs

16ft x 7ft Container - From $4,125

Total Weight: 1395lbs

20ft x 7ft Container - From $4,850

Total Weight: 1680 lbs

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Flat Pack Containers

Available Accessories

Accessories can take your Flat Pack Container to another level! Use the linking kits to combine different containers, add shelves to increase your storage options, improve accessibility, and enhance security options.

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