Portable Storage, Four Reasons Why We Love it

At Storage HQ we have some BIG PORTABLE ENERGY #BPE. We strongly believe portable storage is the best product on the market. Residential customers, business owners and investors alike all benefit from utilizing portable storage units.



Moving is stressful and dynamic by nature. Portable storage allows the flexibility to adapt to your situation. New house build not ready yet? Load up a portable storage unit and bring it to our secure facility for temporary storage.


Life is not black and white, portable storage thrives in the gray. Need a shed but also a home office? Storage HQ can custom build a portable storage unit with multiple doors and a divider. Want a container to blend in with its surroundings? Try a custom paint color or faux wood to disguise your portable storage unit.


Tired of throwing money away renting a storage unit? Buy one instead! Portable storage units qualify for equipment leasing and rent to own programs. Leasing is a great way to grow your business without tying up precious capital.


Make the most of your site. Storage needs fluctuate for most businesses and projects, often seasonally. Expanding is expensive, portables allow temporary expansion to better serve your customers. Portables can be placed in hard to reach areas where a building is not practical or permitted.

Are you interested in learning more about Portable Storage? Please checkout our website www.storagehq.ca or give our team a call 250-661-8610.

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