What Makes A Great RV Storage Facility?

During the pandemic many families decided to vacation closer to home. RV sales boomed and campsites quickly booked up. With most camping happening during the summer months, many families choose to store their recreational vehicle during the off season.

When evaluating options for RV parking, it’s important to keep a few things in mind.

5 traits to look for in an RV Storage Facility

Location. RV Storage Near Me.

Finding a storage facility that is en-route to your favourite campsite can be a great way to minimize wear and tear on your tow vehicle. Easy and safe access for entry or egress can be crucial when towing a large trailer or fifth wheel.

Secure Storage. Burglars Beware.

RVs have become a favourite among thieves. Batteries, propane tanks and household goods are the most common targets. When evaluating your options for RV storage, you should be looking for a fenced facility with cameras, yard lights and ideally a caretaker. Professional facilities take security seriously and you can rest easy knowing your belongings are safe until your next trip.

Parking Stalls. Size Matters

Many storage yards try to maximize revenue by squeezing in as many stalls as possible. Backing up a trailer is challenging and tight parking spots can be the cause of accidents or damage. Ideally your facility of choice should have wide drive lanes and a minimum 12’ to 14’ wide angled parking stalls. Stalls that angle allowing a driver side back in are safest and easiest to navigate.

Mobile Phone Controlled Gate. Open Sesame

Having to exit your vehicle to open a gate is a hassle. Premium trailer storage yards have a gate that can be opened with an app from your mobile phone. Our favourite user-friendly app is Easy Code by PTI.

Onsite servicing. Convenience Is Key.

Many RV facilities have customer service programs and relationships with local contractors. Winterizing a trailer can be a daunting task for new RV owners, best to leave it to the pros. Storage HQ has a trusted referral list of RV service techs in your area

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