Winterizing Your RV and Boat: Essential Steps for Seasonal Care

As the autumn foliage in Duncan turns to hues of gold and crimson, it signals the forthcoming winter chill. For the avid explorers of Duncan and its neighboring regions, it’s time to ensure their cherished RVs and boats are winter-ready. Having seen the ramifications of inadequate winterization at Storage HQ, we’re here to present you with a step-by-step guide.

1. Intensive Cleaning

  • Start with a thorough cleaning. Remove any perishables from the RV. Ensure that both your RV and boat are free from salt and debris to prevent potential corrosion.

2. Tackle Repairs

  • Before storing, double-check everything is in working condition. Be especially vigilant for leaks. A seemingly minor leak can cause major damage when water freezes.

3. Battery Maintenance

  • Disconnect batteries from both vehicles and store them in a dry, cool place. This simple action can greatly prolong their life.

4. Fuel and Engine Upkeep

  • Fill up the fuel tank and mix in a stabilizer. This combination prevents moisture build-up and fuel degradation. If unsure about the process, always seek professional advice or find a reliable instructional video.

5. Promote Ventilation

  • Slightly open a window or roof vent in your RV for better airflow, which helps deter mold. Ensure these openings are screened to prevent any unwanted pests.

6. Tire Maintenance

  • Check your RV’s tires to ensure they’re at the correct pressure. If you can, use supports or jacks to reduce pressure on the tires and prevent flat spots.

7. Ward Off Rodents

  • Start with a comprehensive cleaning and vacuum. Use natural repellents or modern solutions to keep pests at bay. Inspect for any openings and make sure they’re sealed.

8. Opt for Premium Covers

  • Invest in quality covers for both the RV and boat that allow breathability while offering protection from snow, ice, and occasional sun.

9. Choosing the Ideal Storage Location

  • At Storage HQ, our bright LED lights and round-the-clock surveillance ensure more than just storage; we provide protection. Experience peace of mind all winter long.

10. Periodic Visits

  • Our security is top-notch, but occasionally checking in on your vehicles can help address potential issues sooner rather than later.

Spring’s Adventures Are Just a Season Away

Your RV and boat have been trusty companions in numerous sunlit adventures. Show them the care they deserve this winter, ensuring they’re prepped and ready for the next journey come spring. And when it’s time to choose their temporary home, recognize it’s more than just storage – it’s about the care, security, and anticipation of new adventures.

Secure Your Winter Berth Today

At Storage HQ, we prioritize the safe keeping of your cherished memories and adventures. Reserve your spot or get tailored advice by calling us at 250-661-8610 or emailing

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